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- Is there a Mistake on the back of the box?

YES, it is written that there are 200 cards but we removed some to make the game more balanced, you should have 149 cards in all. 


-  When a vehicle is on the train tracks, which karma cards can I play on it?

You can only play vehicle karma cards on vehicles, no matter where they are on the board.


- When I discard cards, are they discarded from the playing area AND my hand?

No, discard only applies to cards in your hand.


- If I played a neutral karma card on someone and it helped it, do I advance 2 spots as well?

Nope, you took the risk in playing that card. Only  positive cards (green) allow you to move 2 spaces if you helped another player.


-Are the parking spots each count as a movement?

Yes, so each parking number is in fact a spot which you need to move through.


-What happens if I somehow lose my current vehicle, train or plane?

If you ever find yourself stranded somewhere without a vehicle during your movement phase, you move to the closest road space at the end of your turn.


-The First airport, do I have to stop there?

YES, and it counts as a space. (Errata: the blue arrows should have gone through the airport, not above it)


- Is there any way to make the game shorter?

Sure, simply start closer to the starting line (Somewhere at the top middle of the board is a good spot)


- Will there be expansions and more cards?

YES, we are working on stage 2 as you are reading this.