Carmarace Board Game

$49.99 (CAD)

BEFORE BUYING ONLINE:Support your local gaming store and call them! They might just have it in stock. only buy online when you really need to.

This game has:

  • Easy and fast paced gameplay.
  • Great player interaction. All players are involved, even when it’s not their turn.
  • Dark humour artwork by Squish Image.
  • Will teach simple math to young players.
  • Huge map to explore and race through.
  • Room for house rules and Expansions.
  • oh, and did we mention GREAT player interaction!?




In Carmarace, everyone on your block just won the chance to pick up a limited edition collectable at the convention being held on the other side of the continent. There is only one of these collectables up for grabs and the first person there gets it! The problem? None of you have a car…

As players hit the streets, sky, and tracks, they will hop into different vehicles with different “Karma”. You might get really lucky and have a nice open road in front of you… or you might get an old lady crossing he street, which can slow you down. In this race, what goes around comes around. You’ll run into speeding tickets, road blocks, jet fighters, trains, cars, planes, old ladies, etc.

So, hitchhikers, head out there, put your thumb up, and hope for the best!


In Carmarace, you’ll need to strategize which cards to hold, and which to discard. Do you want to advance in the race? Or deal out some bad Karma to the others in front? Which path should you take? Will you risk the high road and take a plane? So many choices and so many ways of running into bad luck.

Expansions will add extra Maps (Stages) and different transportations. More abilities and special board effects such as Tornados and Sand Storms.




 * What some backers had to say about CarmaRace:

Maxime Dubé: “At first I backed this without paying much attention to the game itself, only to support boardgames in Montreal (Living there myself.). Now I gotta say this looks amazing, can’t wait!”

Aaron McDonald: “Looks great! Just backed”

Son Do: “I just discovered this project.. wow it looks amazing! I’ve just backed, Will spread the gospel”

Duke Drizzt: “Backed! Good luck with this game, man. Sounds fun and will be a great alternative to Formula D.

Giles Pound: “Love the look of this project very much!”

Craig Latta: “I really like the look of this game. Great fun for adults for some light relief but also good as a family game”

Brius: This game looks excellent! I’m a self-proclaimed prophet o’ Kickstarter and when I saw this yesterday I knew I saw a successful campaign. Congrats, in advance!”

MonkeyFunker: “Fun looking game”